About CircularAg

Transitioning Australian agribusiness to a zero-carbon circular future.

CircularAg is a resource bank targeted at the agriculture sector, the third largest source of carbon emissions in NSW and accounting for 14%1 of total emissions.

CircularAg seeks to enable the NSW and Australian agricultural sector to transition to circular economy practices with precision farming that drives efficiencies, reduces waste and maximises regenerative outcomes.

Such a path also has the potential to reduce energy and water consumption, drive self-sufficiency and resilience. It can also grow new national and international markets for high quality agricultural products and services that rebuild and develop resilience to drought and climate change. Food free from pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers and contaminants are also highly sought after and a valuable export commodity as countries, particularly those in our region, look for food security in a climate changed world.

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Livestock account for the majority of methane emissions from the agriculture sector, while agricultural soils account for the majority of nitrous oxide emissions (which have over 300 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide).